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Project Description
JPEG XR plugin for Quick Look

This is a plug in for Quick Look on Mac OS X for the JPEG XR file format.

JPEG XR is a neat little image format with a lot of features including
  • High quality lossy compression (comparable with jpeg2000)
  • Lossless compression
  • transparency support
  • Support for just about every pixel format under the sun
It's also a free and open ISO standard.

This plug-in is based on Microsoft's

This project is available under the BSD licence.

The code is pretty rough and ready right now. I'd certainly like the source code to look neater but I'm still relatively new to C programming and xcode. The plug-in itself seems to work well right now so I figured I'd make what work I have done public and polish it up more later on.

Known issues:
Not a big issue, but I don't support alpha channels in this version. I'll change that pretty soon though. Not a difficult fix.

Another issue is only JPEG XR images with certain colour formats are supported right now, this is due to jxrlib currently not being able to convert most colour formats into RGB24 or RGBA32. As soon as someone adds the missing colour conversions to jxrlib I'll fix that up.

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